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Creates applications for mobile devices
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Builds custom applications, and uses a variety of features and options to enhance and personalize existent applications or new ones. Using Starter Solutions you can manage contacts, inventory, projects, and many more. Also importing data is an option, you can import CSV, Tab, XML, ODBC, and Microsoft Excel files.

FileMaker Pro is database software that allows users to create a new database, open an existing one, to store data in one place. Information is available on your computer in many forms, from business cards to Microsoft Office files, SQL Server data, etc. FileMaker Pro helps bring it all together with some clicks. For instance convert Excel spreadsheets and other files to FileMaker Pro databases for easier searching, sorting, reporting, and sharing.

Manage people, projects, assets, and find information from individual contacts to large data sets in an easy way. Create reports and layouts the way you want. It has integrated a wizard and tools that help you create reports and then email them.

These databases can contain information from the most highly confidential, and with the advanced security features of FileMaker Pro, you can decide who has access to what information and what privileges every user can have.

The Quick Start Screen provides a simple navigation to create a new database, open an existing database and automatically checks for software updates weekly.

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  • Manage and track all the data exactly how you want


  • Slow with Windows XP
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